Saving for a family vacation: how to save up in time

Family vacations are incredibly important. Even if you only travel 10 miles down the road to a campsite, spending time in a new environment with your nearest and dearest allows you to mentally unwind. Saving up for your vacation may feel tricky, but with a few clever tricks and a strategic approach, you could reach your total within the year.

Get smart about groceries

There is a certain safety in sticking with big brand names. It’s not just the implication that they are of higher quality, but also the comfort portrayed by advertisers. However, it’s important to remember this is just an illusion. Opting for un-branded and supermarket own-brands can not only be much cheaper, but also provide you with an equally high-quality product. Buying in bulk may also save you some extra money on your weekly shop. Here are some examples of how to cut costs when shopping in supermarkets:
  • Create sauces from scratch: buy unbranded cans of tinned tomatoes or coconut milk and large tubs of herbs – also not owned by a large brand. Making your own marinara or curry sauce from scratch will not only taste better but also cost less per portion.
  • Don’t buy pre-chopped or pre-prepared. It actually takes very little time to cut up your own onions, grate your own cheese, or prepare your meat. This could save you a huge amount of money.
  • Make your own snacks: healthy snacks can often be made yourself. Carrots and hummus don’t need to come pre-prepared, and the odd treat is better-off created by hand. A low-calorie muffin will be full of preservatives and sweeteners; one that you’ve made yourself will be cheaper per portion and taste far better. It’s a treat, so you may as well enjoy it!

Don’t delay immediate costs

One of the biggest frustrations for parents who want to save up for a vacation is the way that immediate bills and unexpected costs can get in the way. However, it’s important that you don’t delay in paying these. Hunting down a payroll advance online could allow you to safely pay off the unexpected bill without having to eat away at your vacation budget. Finding a payroll advance that covers just enough of the payment to keep you solvent for the month will allow you to comfortably transition into next month’s paycheck. It’s also important to manage your payroll advance loan safely; pay it back regularly and in large installments to avoid debt.

Do your research

You don’t want to get to the day of booking your vacation, only to discover you’ve under-saved. Doing plenty of research in the run-up to your saving process will ensure that you have put enough funds aside for the following:
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Pocket money
  • Emergency cash
  • Travel insurance
This background work is vital for ensuring that all your expenses are covered as a family. It’s always savvy to overestimate too – this gives you a bit of wiggle room in the case of an emergency.
Saving for a vacation may take a little time, but it’s about being scrupulous with your budgeting. You may need to use advance loans to cover any unexpected costs, but it will ultimately preserve your budget. Getting back to basics with your shopping habits and planning in advance may just pave the way to that family vacation you’ve been yearning for.