4 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health. Although we know a lot about how to stay physically healthy, some people are still unsure on what they can do to look after their mental health.
Luckily there’s a few activities and techniques that you can use to keep your stress levels down and keep you in a positive mindset. Here’s a list of 5 tips to help keep your mental health in check and to keep you living life to the fullest.
Eat Healthy
Eating healthily is so important not just for physical health but also for mental health. Most people may not realize the importance healthy eating can have on your brain. Some of the ways healthy food can have a positive impact on the way you feel include:
  • It can put you in a good mood
  • It can help to boost your energy levels
  • It can help to focus your brain and make you think more clearly
As well as eating healthily staying hydrated is really important too. Guidelines suggest that the daily water intake for women should be at least 2.7 liters and 3.7 liters for men. On top of eating healthy you can improve your brain performance by taking supplements. Qualia Essentials is a great brain supplement for that. You can read a Qualia review by Anti Aging Ninjas to learn more.
Do More Exercise
It’s been known for a long time that regular exercise can be fantastic for boosting mental health. Getting your heart going and your blood pumping will increase oxygen and blood flow and the production of certain chemicals in your body. One of which is Serotonin.
Serotonin is really important because it transfers messages about appetite and sleep. It can also have a big impact on your mood too. Mental Health America found that just 1 hour of exercise per week is related to lower levels of mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders.
Share Your Feelings
One of the best ways to deal with your feelings is to just let them out! For many, family and friends will always be there to support you when you’re feeling low. However, sometimes you may have more sensitive issues that you need to discuss with someone you don’t know like a therapist or a life coach.
If you do want to seek out a professional then the range of techniques that they use may be very different to a simple chat with a friend. Some of the techniques listed by life coach alanwhitton.co.uk include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis.
Have a Digital Detox
Switching off, unplugging and disconnecting from the many devices that we carry around will do more for your mental health than you might think. For some being disconnected from the online world feels like it would be a step too far but it can really help you to reconnect with areas of your life that may not be getting as much attention as they should.
According to a study conducted in the UK and USA, 1 out of 5 people have tried a digital detox. It doesn’t have to be a complete shutdown, though. Mini detox ideas include keeping your cell phone out the bedroom, switching off notifications and taking mini-breaks of a few hours at a time.