Refresh Your Patio with These Five Easy Steps

Your patio is your outdoor entertainment area, but like any part of your backyard can and will become overgrown and disheveled unless you take care of it. If you are new to the homeownership lifestyle, and need some pointers on how to refresh your patio space, then look no further:

  1. Replace Broken and Cracked Bricks

If your patio is made up of brick, then it is time to dig them out and replace them. If it is concrete, it is time to kill the weeds growing up from in-between them and reseal it. If you have a deck, then rent a professional sander, sand it down, stain and reseal the deck. Your patio space won’t magically get better over time, and this level of maintenance is essential to keep your backyard oasis refreshed and beautiful.

  1. Keep the Weeds at Bay

Try not to use chemicals to kill your weeds unless you absolutely have to. This is yours and your family’s health that you are talking about. Alternatives you should consider instead is to either adopt a regular weeding regimen, or to choose plants that will grow in their stead. For example, moss can be a great plant that frames your patio’s grout, and is much better looking and feeling underfoot than prickly weeds.

  1. Invest In Clever Outdoor Storage Ideas

Your patio furniture and décor won’t hold up for long unless you invest in very high-quality water and weather resistant materials. If your patio furniture is wicker, then expect it to gray over time. Instead of letting your patio furniture go to waste, invest in some clever outdoor storage ideas or, at the very least, make a space in your garage and buy a tarp to cover your patio furniture in the winter.

  1. Refresh Old and Dusted Patio Cushions

Patio cushions are a must to enjoy a comfortable time outdoors, and yet that very comfort becomes a growing field for mold and bugs if you don’t store them correctly. This means that you cannot leave them out overnight and need to take them in if it rains during the summer. Even with all of these precautions, they can become gray and worn out over time. If your cushions are custom, this can make replacing them difficult, but thankfully with Fig Leaf Cushion Covers you can renew the life of your cushions with ease.

  1. Give it a Deep Clean

Every spring you will want to give your patio furniture a deep clean. This will help keep it in the best condition and is also how you can make it feel great when you touch it. No dust or pesky spider webs should make you feel uncomfortable when you sit in your deck chair.

Patio areas need a lot of maintenance in order to stay in tip top condition and ready to entertain guests in the summers. Winter in particular can hit patios hard, and unless you stay on top of weeding and other chores, nature will start to take over your patio area during the growing season.