How to Redecorate on a Budget

Everyone gets tired of their home decor eventually, whether it’s because the styles are outdated, the furniture is worn, your taste changes, or even simply because it doesn’t excite you anymore. Although redecorating can seem a costly endeavor, it is possible to do it on a budget and here’s how.

Set your budget

First things first, you want to set your budget and write it down. It may seem obvious, but having it written down somewhere rather than keeping a number in your head will help you stick to it. Be firm with your budget, because if you aren’t, you most likely will end up going over. Do your research and figure out what everything costs so you can get an idea of what kind of budget you’ll need to reach your decorating goals. 

Plan what you want

Going into your redecorating blind can be detrimental to your budget, as costs can add up quickly if you don’t plan out what you want or need to get the job done. Knowing exactly what you want can also help you calculate costs and avoid buying anything you don’t need. Also, taking the time to research decor ideas and seeking advice from decorating blogs and brands like Luluna on which pieces to buy can help you realize your decor dreams faster. You can also go with a company like Object Space Place if you're looking for a professional touch.

List out all the redecorating tasks you want to accomplish, which could include:
  • Painting or adding wallpaper
  • New furniture
  • New flooring
  • Window treatments
  • New storage
  • Wall decor
  • Upcycling what you have

Shop for bargains

Thrifting is a great way to save some money, not to mention it is better for the environment. You can find stores that sell small decor pieces, and knick-knacks to spruce up the room if you know where to look. If you aren’t afraid to take on a DIY project, you can fix up an older piece of furniture to make it look new.

Small jobs can make a big difference

Simple, easy tasks like repainting the walls or covering existing furniture can totally transform your entire space. You might find that a fresh coat of paint might be all you needed to really spruce up your room and help fall in love with it again, or that putting a slipcover over your old couch is a better alternative to buying a brand new one. 

The cheapest way to go about this is to do it yourself; although you can hire a painter or get someone to reupholster your furniture, it can be much more expensive. Doing it yourself is not only cost-effective but will give you the satisfaction knowing that you redecorated on your own. Take some time to research which colors to use as wall paint, and consider how your existing decor will match. If you’re going to recover your furniture, try and avoid loud prints and vibrant colors (unless you’re particularly adventurous!) because you want your furniture to look timeless so you won’t have to update it frequently.