5 Benefits of Becoming a Qualified Life Coach

Being a life coach is a role that will change the lives of the clients you work with. But there are many other benefits to becoming a qualified life coaching, including how much it will change your life too. Take a look at why life coaching is life-affirming for you and your clients.

Change is a multi-headed beast. Some changes are forced on us and out of our control. Other changes we choose to make. Whichever it is, having someone walk alongside you, reassuring and supporting you in this difficult but exciting time is beyond words.

As a life coach, that is exactly what you do. Help people to maintain their momentum as they move forward.

Becoming a qualified life coach bring many rewards. But what are they and are they enough to compel you to work through online life coaching courses? Could you be the person who makes a huge difference to someone?

#1 Rewarding and satisfying 

When was the last time you helped someone? And when you did, what did it feel like?

If you are looking for a profession that is satisfying and rewarding then look no further than life coaching.

For many life coaches, newbies and long-standing, experienced coaches, never get tired of the amazing feeling when they see their client flourish and reach the goals they had set themselves.

#2 You will strengthen relationships 

Being a qualified and practicing life coach has fantastic impacts for your clients but also for you.

You will learn so much about human nature and relationships, how they are formed and maintained, as well as how the most unlikely of alliances can bring about fantastic results.

At the most basic level, you will form relationships with clients that will support them in the way that they need, bringing about a sense of accomplishments for all involved.

Valuable skills, you’ll find that relationship building skills transcend all age groups, hierarchies and work cultures.

And these relationship building and nurturing skills are all transferable ones too. So you’ll find personal relationships will work better too!

#3 Accelerates your own professional (and personal) development too 

Coaching takes place in a fast-paced environment and that means as a life coach, you too are continually learning.

For someone who doesn’t want to stand still with their own development, this is great news.

Professional development can be anything from learning new business skills to learning and reading about specific niches and subjects, all of which combine to make you a more effective life coach.

Life coaches are dynamic people propelling themselves forward in professional and personal contexts.

#4 Flexibility 

Have you ever maintained a career that was truly flexible?

We talk more today of flexible working so that parents can balance childcare commitment easier and we can all balance work and life better than we ever have done. 

Most life coaches work on a self-employed basis which means you can be truly flexible about who you life coach and when.

You can operate it as a business where you work part-time or drive your business forward to become a vibrant community in which people enjoy working and networking with like-minded people.

And life coaching is a portable skill too and so you could live anywhere, and still be able to offer your services within your niche market.

#5 Quick entry 

Life coaching relies just as heavily on life and work skills, as it does on personal knowledge and specific life coaching qualifications.

Depending on the level of the qualification you do, you can begin to offer your services as a qualified life coach within months of starting and completing your online course.

Likewise, you can grow your practice by becoming a member of one of the many life coaching professional organisations, becoming part of a vibrant community.

In summary 

Life coaching is just as much calling and vocation as it is a career move. It isn’t for everybody – there are certain innate, personal skills that a life coach needs, and you will need in these in abundance with some clients! – but with knowledge and training, you too can become a life coach.

Is this something you could offer? Why not take a closer look at online life coaching courses and make a change today?

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