6 Places To Sell Your Used Items

With summer in full swing here, now is the time to clean out the clutter and the mess that has been piling up in the corner for the last 6 months. But, how are you able to sell these items? Perhaps some of them are not just junk but more vintage or antique items! Maybe you’re already thinking about selling in one area and looking for another place. Items that were perhaps passed down to you from generation to generation. Maybe you just need to get rid of a lot of it to help pay for other things.

Selling vintage and antique items can actually be a lot of fun and rewarding but it can also be frustrating, tiring and exhausting. You can purchase many things all at once or you can purchase them throughout the years. There are actually several different ways of selling these items both off and online. Here are a few various ways I think that you can sell your used antique items.


  1. Ebay- When you think of selling your items, most people will think of selling them online. It’s hard to beat for a quick sale but even the ‘glory years’ of eBay are long gone. When they first came out, you could sell really anything on there for a great price. People began catching on and selling items until many people began posting the same items on there until at least there was about 50 of the same thing. Buyers began to look for the lower price. You can still sell your items on there for a great price but it has to be pretty great.
  2. Etsy- When people first began thinking of Etsy, I think we all thought it was mostly just handmade items but as time as gone on, you can actually sell vintage items on there as well. There is actually a huge market and need for them on there! The truly only requirement is that he item needs to be older than 1007. It only costs about 20 cents per item to list and it stays listed for four months! Personally, I think that’s a great price because even if it doesn’t sell in that time frame, you can relist it again!
  3. Instagram or Facebook : I’ve had a few friends of mine sell their items on these 2 social platforms and they said it was one of the easiest experiences that they’ve done! With so many friends and family members, it was pretty quick to upload your pieces, ask for a price and then wait to see who responds. Even with Insta Stories you can do a poll and ask everyone if they prefer certain items more than others so you have an idea of what your audience is looking for. An example could be do they want me furniture pieces to view or clothing.


  1. Auction - Another place that may be a good idea to share your valuables is at an auction. You actually are able to do this either in person or online. There are certain auction shops that cater to your particular items. For instance, Peachtree and Bennett are recognized around the Atlanta area and estate liquidators as well as selling your items for the highest price they can achieve. They are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  They will either visit you on site to evaluate your items and discuss appropriate selling options with no obligations or commitments or you can bring your items or photographs to one of their many P&B offices in the Atlanta area, California or New York for assessing. Don’t live nearby? They welcome you to take photographs and email them and they will give you an estimate over the phone. You can find more information of their various services at their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  2. Garage Sale - Although it may take a lot of your time up to set a garage sale, the rewards are always beneficial. I’ve even taken part of a garage sale within my neighborhood to gain more traffic. Make sure to work on putting up flyers and sharing with your neighbors about your garage sale, what items you’ll be selling and that’ll help take interest. 
  3. Flea Markets- As I’ve gotten older and enjoyed getting to know more antiques, flea markets have been popping up everywhere and I love attending! There you’re able to sell your items and even negotiate the price a little bit. My tip would also put a small classified ad on Craigslist sharing about what you’ll be selling at your local flea market to gain more attraction! 

Selling your antique items or collectibles is not as intimidating as you may have thought! With these 6 ideas, hopefully they are helpful to get you started and watch your items fly off the shelf! How will you sell your antique items? Any other ideas you might have?