Playing with Laser X

A product sample was given for media purposes. All opinions are my own.

Do you have kids that love video games? Mary has been a gamer since she was about four years old. She has almost every system that Nintendo has made and can play video games for hours. But it's also nice to get her outside to play too. So why not combine the both and have a fun game of laser tag right in our own yard?

Laser X Micro Blasters are super fun to play with. Just strap on the armband and get ready to play! You can blast opponents up to 100 feet away! And reloading is easy too; just press and hold the trigger for 2 seconds until you hear it reload.

We have two blasters but you can buy more to have even more players. All blasters can work together so you could have 50 players if you wanted! Talk about the best game of laser tag ever!

Mary and I played two games with the blasters and she won both times! She's really good at aiming at me so I was hiding everywhere, even behind the cars!

The micro blaster set is best for ages 6+ and it currently goes for $29.99 which isn't a bad price at all!

If you want to win a set of your own, make sure to enter below too!