Nearly Natural for Mothers Day

I have been compensated by Nearly Natural but all opinions are my own.

If you're like me, you're a plant murderer. Not that I purposely murder plants but for some reason, whatever I try to plant dies. With the exception of my rose bushes and trees. Oddly enough, those have survived years with me!

I really love decorating the outside of my home with plants but a huge problem is my house is in direct sunlight for the majority of the day. So anything I try to plant will eventually wither and die. Either they don't get enough water or I water them too much. But either way, the front of my house always ends up looking bare.

But I recently found Nearly Natural which is an artificial plant company. They make real looking plants for indoors and outdoors. Since I've always wanted the front of my house to look really nice, I opted to check out their outdoor plants.

The two plants I put in the front of my porch are Bougainvillea Silk Hanging Baskets. These are gorgeous and under 5lbs each so I was able to use 3M Command Hooks to hang them too which made less damage for my porch! And the best part is, they really do look real! They have a lovely cascade of flowers and the best part is they can never die.

On either side of my porch, I put a Leather Fern in a Mossy Hanging Basket. These are lovely and again, look so real even up close! I love how easy it was to hang them up and just how pretty they make my porch look!

Now I can come outside and sit on my lovebench to enjoy the flowers.

Nearly Natural also makes an amazing Mother's Day gift too! If your mom loves flowers but doesn't have the time to water them, they make indoor and outdoor flowers too, not just hanging ones like I got. They have amazing plants and even artificial trees too!

Discount for Nearly Natural

If you want to try out Nearly Natural, then make sure to use code MOMKB at checkout for 20% off your entire order and free shipping too! This code expires May 31st.