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Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees

Since I have been homeschooling Mary, I have always loved unit studies. I love finding units on what she's actually interested in, especially for science. I'm not a terribly technical person so when it comes to our science curriculum, it's usually unit studies of various types. So I was really excited when Creation Illustrated sent us two of their unit studies as well as gave us access to those magazines that go with those studies for us to review.

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow

The two unit studies we received were the Pine Trees and Intricacies of Snow. We also received the two Creation Illustrated magazines that went with each unit study too. Pine Trees came with the Autumn Creation Illustrated magazine and Intricacies of Snow came with the Winter Creation Illustrated magazine.

In the month that we had both studies, we were able to finish them both completely. I used them everyday for our science so it wasn't hard to finish each in about two weeks, especially if you're using them daily.

The unit we spent the most time on was the Pine Tree unit, mostly because we live in Georgia and we didn't have snow on the ground to do some experiments in the Snow unit. How the Pine Tree unit started was with links to educational resources online. Sometimes this would include videos and it also gave the pages of the Creation Magazine where you could find answers to questions as well.

The next section was a history of the English word Pine and then a vocabulary and spelling section. Now these units are made for grades 3-8 so some of the words in the vocabulary section were some that Mary didn't recognize just yet.

The next section was vocabulary definitions so we started with the ones Mary already knew, then we worked our way into the ones she didn't.

The following section was really neat because it was a Bible study on pine trees and all the verses that could be found in the Bible. This was really fun because we got to see pine trees in a new light!

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Pine Trees

Next was the section on pine tree geography and what types of pines live in what places of the world. Then we learned how to identify pine trees too. Can you believe here in north Georgia, we already have baby pinecones coming out on our trees?

There was also a section on math problems involving pine trees but some of the math was better suited for older children.

We really enjoyed the writing and penmanship section where you could tell what you learned about pine trees and also the  art study on pine trees too! The only thing we didn't do was the word search because we both have Asperger's so word searches are almost impossible for us!

Creation Illustrated Unit Study Snow

With the snow unit study, it had all the same section as the pine tree unit. There was Bible, English, Math, Science and History which really made it a well rounded unit. I loved how it had links to videos to watch as well!

Overall we really enjoyed both of these units. They were great to use because of how many subjects they covered and the amount of information you learned in them!

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