Traveling to Iceland with Kids

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Iceland is a gorgeous country that is very natural and mostly untouched. And by untouched, I mean there is one main road through the entire country. Other than that, most transportation is done by boat, train or good old fashioned walking. If you're looking to get away from technology and find nature again, Iceland is definitely the place.

And just because Iceland doesn't have the bright lights of a big city doesn't mean kids won't enjoy it either!

As a homeschool parent, Mary and I finished a fun unit on learning about Iceland. We were amazed at the raw beauty it has and also some of the scary roads it has too! But it was so fun to see a culture that was very focused on nature.

So if you're thinking about traveling to Iceland with your kids, here are a few places I would suggest that you don't miss!

Blue Lagoon

Iceland has what is called the golden triangle which consists of the Blue Lagoon, Geyser, and Gulfoss which are all short drives away from the city. The Blue Lagoon is a manmade geothermal heated spa which can do wonders for the skin and body. For kids, this is like a huge swimming pool.


Gulfoss is an amazing waterfall which is massive in size. You'll have to hike to get to it but it's worth it when you finally reach it!

Thingvillir National Park

This national park in Iceland has a state of the art visitor center. Using touch screen televisions, you can take a journey to see your surroundings "come alive".

Kerid Crater

If you've never seen anything involving volcanoes up close, you have to check out Kerid Crater. It's a volcanic crater lake that is gorgeous in the water!

Puffin Tours

There are a lot of different companies that offer puffin tours in Reykjavik. If you're as fascinated with these little creatures as I am, you have to check one out. It's perfect for kids too since they'll see puffins first hand!

Horse Riding on Icelandic Ponies

Icelandic ponies are built for kids so this is the perfect outing for a family! You'll get to ride a gorgeous horse around the countryside and since the horses are tiny, it's not as intimidating as a larger horse could be.

Vik's Black Sand Beaches

Have you ever seen a beach with black sand? If you're near Vik, this is a fun place to check out. The beaches are made out of black sand which is rare to see!


In Jokulsartan there is an ice lagoon and you can take a duck boat tour through it! Plus they let the kids touch the glaciers that are thousands of years old!

Museums in Reykjavik

There are a lot of museums in Reykjavik including a settlement museum, a whale museum and of course the viking museum! Kids always love the viking museum because who doesn't love to pretend to be one?!

Lake Myvatn

At Lake Myvatn, there is so much to do that will make for great memories. There are crater lakes, underground pools, and the chance to walk on still smoking lava!

Whale Watching

Kids love to see whales first hand and near Husavik a lot of companies operate tours to see whales. This is such an amazing experience especially for any animal lover!

The Botanical Garden in Akureyri

If you're visiting during the summer months, the botanical garden in Akureyri is a lovely change of scenery. There's also a luxury hotel nearby as well if you're needing to stay overnight.


Have you ever seen a turf farmhouse? It's a way of traditional Icelandic life so it's a great history lesson for kids. Building the houses into the turf helped with the cold and the winds. Around Glaumbaer, there are turf farmhouses you can visit. 


If your kids love vikings, they will love going to Eiriksstadoir where there is a reconstructed farmhouse on  the site of the famous Eirik the Red.

Iceland Photo Tours

If you're wanting to get some amazing pictures, make sure to check out Iceland photo tours. You'll have photos to take home that are brag worthy!

Icelandic Seal Centre

If you're wanting to spot some seals, make sure to check out the Icelandic Seal Centre where they can give you some tips on where to go.

Touring Lava Caves

Kids love this expedition but you need to make sure to book in advance. Most of the tours are found around Vatnshellir.

Man Made Ice Caves

At the Langjokull, you can walk through a man made ice caves. Be prepared though because it's freezing!

There are still so many more places you could see in Iceland with kids, including the gorgeous Opera House with glass architecture. These are some of the highlights of this gorgeous and rustic country. If you're planning to go to Iceland soon with your kids, I hope these suggestions help you make a great itinerary!