More Ways to Work From Home!

Last home I wrote a post about how to work from home so I wanted to share with you a few more ideas on how to make a living as a freelancer at home.

When I first started working from home, I pretty much took everything available to me. And believe it or not, there are a lot of legitimate ways to work from home too. Not everything is a scam. I've been working from home since 2012 and now my husband does as well.

Working as a freelancer normally means you're going to need to work on a few different things at the same time to have a steady source of income. So here are some more places I suggest signing up for!

Blogger Networks

Blogs are a great way for companies to help advertise. They aren't as expensive as traditional advertising and they're run by real people. Real people like to read what other real people have to say. So a lot of companies are willing to work with you for that publicity. The larger your reader database is, the better your chances are to work with companies. Everyone starts small but if you keep working at it, you'll be happy you didn't quit.

Over the years of blogging, I have been blessed by many different companies with things like test driving brand new cars for a week, vacations, free products, sponsorships, and monetary payments. Blogging can really be a full time income if you work at it.

Signing up for blogger networks is a great way to find opportunities to get paid. I personally own Mums the Word Blogger Network and we are always looking for more bloggers to join for paid opportunities! Other blogger networks to sign up include Clever Girls, Sway, & Mom it Forward to name a few. Simply go to their sites and sign up as a blogger or influencer. You'll be put on their newsletter and get emails when they have new paid opportunities.

Be a Captioner or Transcriptionist

I recently came across a new place that will pay you as an independent contractor to caption movies, commercials, videos and more. Basically you're writing out the closed captioning for people to read if they have hearing impairment. They also hire for transcription services which is typing up audio into a written document and if you speak a foreign language, they hire for translators too.

The pay isn't anything that will support you fully but there are people who make up to $1500 a month doing these so it's not a bad idea to sign up.

Teach Chinese Children Online

There are a lot of companies out there right now that are needing teachers that can speak English to teach English to Chinese children. Most places do require a bachelor's degree and the best one I found is VIPKID. They pay $14-$22 an hour to teach children English from your home.

Sell Art Online

If you're an artist, you can sell your art online by making a storefront. You can set one up yourself for things that you only have one or two items of, but if you make paintings or drawings, you can sign up with FineArtAmerica to sell prints of your work. I have signed up with them since I paint birds and I really enjoy how easy it is to set everything up.

Review Products with Companies

There are a lot of PR companies out there that will work with bloggers or influencers to review products. Nancy at Behrman is a great place to start since they like to work with influencers. Nancy and Behrman go back a while so it's a good PR firm. For other PR firms, try watching the press release sites to see their new releases on products.

There are so many different possibilities on how to work from home. Make sure to do your research and sign up for more than just one thing. If you sign up for multiple ways to make money, you'll bring home a steady income every month.