4 Reasons Why Rattan Garden Furniture is More Popular Than Ever!

When it comes to garden furniture, there is no better choice than rattan. But why is this? What is it about this natural, sustainable material that makes such a popular choice?

Garden furniture has an important role to play – it needs to be functional, yet stylish, as well as easy to keep clean – and there is no better material rattan. Incredibly popular, there are many reasons why it is the material of choice. Suitable for the domestic garden, it is also a material increasingly used in commercial settings, from cafes to restaurants and bars. Here’s why;

#1 Stylish, yet blends in

There are times when simplicity is key to a stylish room, and the garden is no exception. The thing about rattan is that it is available in a range of colours, the majority of which could be described as a neutral backdrop.

For example, black is universally known for matching and complementing every colour. If you want a stand out colour, you can introduce it with coloured cushions, throws and rugs.

As well as a contemporary grey, there are dark and lighter tones of brown to choose from too.

As well as colour, style and shape are important too. Both domestic and commercial customers are choosing rattan cube garden furniture, because they can be easily pushed together, giving a streamlined, non-imposing appeal to the outside space when not in use.

#2 Versatile

As well as a range of neutral colours, there is a growing range of different styles of rattan garden furniture.

Want an informal seating garden area…?

Choose a rattan garden sofa, including the impressive L-shape ‘corner’ sofas complete with showerproof cushions and matching coffee table.

Want a stylish dining set…?

As well as the compact rattan cube garden furniture set, there are some impressive examples of more formal in style dining tables and chairs.

Want super-relaxing seating…?

Rattan garden furniture can also be found in super-relaxed, quirky styles from the minimal but curvaceous sun lounger to a self-supporting hanging pod seat. Manufacturers are able to produce such a wide range of appealing furniture because rattan is a mouldable material. It can be used to make boxy angular chairs and tables, or it can be used to create a piece with stunning curves.

#3 Light and strong

Possibly one of the main reasons why people opt for rattan garden furniture is that it offers everything they need. When it comes to practicality, the days of lumpy, heavy garden furniture are long gone.

Rattan is a fast-growing plant, found in tropical, rainforest climes. Once cut and dried, the long thing fronds become incredibly strong. When weaved, they become even stronger. And because it is such a tough material and able to survive hot, humid climates, a temperate climate like the one we have doesn’t bother it at all.

You don’t want your garden furniture in the same place all of the time but moving it can prove problematic when pieces are heavy. Rattan items are lightweight but don’t assume this means it is flimsy.

Providing it is not damaged, its weave keeps everything about the furniture strong. And with modern manufacturer creating pieces with a metal framework too, the whole thing is even stronger but without adding unnecessary weight.

#4 Easy to maintain

Who wants to spend their summer repairing, staining or painting garden furniture so it is safe to use?

Our summers can pass in the blink of an eye so wouldn’t it be great that, when spring arrives, you whip off the protective cover, use a soft bristled brush to wipe away the cobwebs and detritus, and then simply sit on it?

With rattan, you do just that. It can be washed and allowed to dry in the sun without washing away its colour or damaging it. A simple brush down is all that it needs. Nothing more.

Need any more persuasion?!

When it comes to investing in garden furniture, you will have similar criteria to when you buy furniture for the interior of your home. Stylish, a joy to use, easy to maintain are all great reasons but you also want value for money.

Investing in rattan garden furniture means investing in a material and a product that is not only beautiful but long-lasting too. Can you get any better?

Rattan Direct is in no doubt as to the popularity of rattan garden and conservatory furniture. With a wide range of amazing designs and styles, who doesn’t want rattan furniture for their garden and home?