8 Reasons Why You Should Call Albuquerque Home

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

Did you know that ten years ago this August our family lived outside Albuquerque? The story of how we got there is sure a crazy one too! We originally were living in Maine, off the coast of Bar Harbor. But I started getting really sick, to the point where I had to wear a mask when I went outside. I'm not sure if it was being right on the ocean or if my allergies were going into overdrive but we had to leave.

Of course I had always heard that moving out west where the air is dry can help anyone with allergies and asthma so that's just what we did. We packed up everything and drove across the country to right outside Albuquerque. I remember how different everything looked too! From always living on the East Coast, I had never seen deserts or even a tumbleweed. But in New Mexico, sometimes you get tumbleweeds going across the highway!

Albuquerque has a lot to offer families so I wanted to offer my top eight reasons on why you should call it home.

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

The Health Benefits

Not just Albuquerque but living out west has a lot of health benefits that I know first hand. After moving there, I finally got better to the point where I didn't have to wear a mask and I could breathe  again!

The Beautiful Scenery

If you're looking for a city with spectacular views, Albuquerque is it. When we first drove into Albuquerque, it was so beautiful to see this city nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

 The Fun Things to Do

Albuquerque has a lot to offer families like the Hot Air Balloon Festival, the ABQ BioPark, Amusement Parks and lots of museums. It's been named one of the top 10 cities for families and is one of the best destinations for families since they really do have something for everyone!

The Culture

There's nothing like eating Southwestern food in Albuquerque. The culture of the Native American heritage runs all through Albuquerque. There's even places like Old Town where you can experience it for yourself. It's like stepping back in time.

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

The Weather

Most people think of New Mexico like a giant desert but there is high altitude places where it actually snows! Where we lived we got snow in the winter and it was so gorgeous!

The Real Estate

Right now there are a lot of Albuquerque homes for sale and a lot of them are decently priced! Doing a simple search, you can find homes for under 100K all throughout the city which is a lot less than the majority of the country.

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

Route 66

On historic Route 66, you can get some amazing food! There are so many fun places to stop off of Route 66 and the scenery is like none other.

The Jobs

Other than my health, the main reason we also moved out to New Mexico was because we were hired to come out there to work for a company. We had out interviews over the phone and when we moved out west, the company paid for us to stay at a hotel while they trained us. Just from personal experience, it seemed like it was easier to get a job out there than in the east where we had come from.

Photo Credit: City of Albuquerque

If you're thinking of making the move out west, consider Albuquerque as it has a lot to offer!