5 Sneaky Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Bills

One of the biggest expenses that you may have in your monthly household budget has to be your utility bills, and with utility bills, heating is likely to be one of the costliest. The thing is with heating, is that whilst you know that it is costing you money, you don’t exactly want to be forced to live in a cold home. But you also don't want to have to refurbish house either.

What you may not realise is that saving money on your heating bills are possible. However, sometimes you need to get sneaky about how you approach this.

Not sure that you are a heating bill ninja and want to know more? Well, take a look at our recommended 5 sneaky ways to cut your home heating bills.

Always pop on a jumper before you turn it up

It is common for a family home to have their heating turned up to around the 20 degree mark all day. They will then wander around in just a t-shirt because they feel nice and warm. This uses a surprising amount of energy, not to mention costs money too. The trick with this is to always pop on a jumper or dressing gown before you turn the heating up. This means that you are less likely to need to head to the thermostat in order to stay warm. Even one degree less on the heating dial will be a great way to save you some money.

Try underfloor heating

Are you planning a conservatory or extension on your home? Thinking about heating the space. Whilst the normal route is to hook it up to your central heating, this may not be the most cost effective. People soon realise that these newly built spaces may not be as effective at keeping heat in as you may hope, which can leave you with higher energy bills. A great alternative is to try out underfloor heating, as the heat rises from across the entire floor space, there is much more hot air in the room as a whole and it feels a whole lot cosier too. Not only this, but it is going to feel pretty awesome on your tootsies too.

Take the time to shop around

There is a chance that you are going to lead a busy life and having spare time is a rare occurrence. But, if you do find yourself with an hour or so spare, then it really is worthwhile spending it shopping around to find the best possible deal. There are a variety of comparison tools which are designed to help you to save money and you may be really surprised by just how much money simply taking the time to shop around can end up saving you in the long run.

Close your curtains

Whilst it is great to let the sunshine flood in and warm up your room, it does also make sense to close your curtains too. Closing your curtains, particularly in the cold weather will help to trap all the lovely warm air in your home rather than giving it a way to escape. This will make the rooms warmer and reduce the amount of time that your central heating is going to need to be on. It works even better if you opt for thicker curtains that feature a backing.

Always read your meter

It might be easier to pay an averaged bill, but this might not be the most cost effective way to pay your heating bill. Estimated bills is just that, a guess about how much gas you have used, which means that you may end up paying out too much. Check your meter at least once every 3 months and make sure that you record your usage online or by calling your supplier. If you find that you are in credit in your account, then your gas supplier has to refund this amount to you on your request. Which means that you not only save money, but that you also get some money back too!

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can try to keep the costs down for your home heating. From underfloor heating to proper insulation, you will be surprised by just how much money you can save.

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