Benefits to Bringing a Puppy Home

It’s a question all parents face at some point while raising children: “can I get a puppy?” At first, it might seem like a hard one to answer. However, if you have the space, the finances, and the time to train, there are numerous benefits to adding a sweet little puppy to your family. Make sure that you can afford adoption fees and vet bills, and that you have the space for your puppy to run around and play. Once you are sure you can meet a puppy’s needs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start looking for puppies for sale in Maryland or where ever you live!

Teach Your Child Responsibility

Raising a puppy is a huge responsibility. Obviously it should not all fall on your child’s shoulders, but ensuring that they do their fair share of the work is a great way to teach them about responsibility as well as the importance of routine. Depending on your child’s age, you may assign them tasks such as feeding the puppy, changing the water, playing with the dog outside for a predetermined length of time, and cleaning up after the dog. These chores can all reinforce the importance of caring for another creature properly.

Health Benefits

Numerous studies indicate that children who grow up around dogs have fewer allergies than others. Others have found that children in homes with dogs do not develop asthma with the same frequency as other children. While researchers are not certain exactly how dogs protect children against these allergies and disorders, some speculate that it is because the animals help the child develop immunity.

Growing up with dogs also makes children more empathetic, with higher levels of emotional intelligence. Pets are an excellent introduction into how people should treat others, not just animals. For example, your child may know to let your puppy sniff their hand before petting them, reinforcing consent. Or if your dog is scared, your child knows that it should offer the animal some comfort. These early nurturing skills help them become well-adjusted, emotionally healthy adults.

Get the Whole Family Active

Another huge benefit to owning a dog is that it encourages the whole family to get active together. Spending time as a family does more than just keep you physically fit, it keeps the bonds between your family members tight. It also provides your children with lasting memories they can carry with them.

The best part of doing family activities with your dog is that most of them are free. You can walk nature trails together, play fetch at the dog park, or go for a swim at a nearby beach. If you live close enough, you can even walk to any one of these destinations with your dog.

Help Your Child Feel Less Anxious

Puppies are also the perfect pet to give a child who experiences anxiety or nervousness. Studies have shown that interacting with animals increases the amount of serotonin produced by the human brain, making a person feel calmer and happier. Children who have dogs also tend to feel safer when they leave the house, reducing the amount of anxiety experienced and helping them break that anxiety cycle.

With all these benefits, it makes sense that families often decide to purchase a puppy for a child’s birthday or other celebration. Before you start your search, make sure you have time to properly welcome a puppy into your home and give them the training they need. For example, if you are about to go on a vacation, you should postpone getting a puppy until you return.

Raising a puppy can be incredibly rewarding, especially for children. Help your child reap the benefits mentioned above while contributing to their overall growth as a person by getting a puppy today. A furry friend may be exactly what your family needs.