Kawaii Box October 2017 Unboxing + Giveaway!

Can you believe we finally finished our lesson plans on Japan? I think we took about a month to learn about this amazing country. It's one of Mary's favorites so we even tried Japanese food from other subscription boxes. But I saved the best for last when I introduced her to Kawaii. If you don't know, Kawaii is Japanese for "cute" so it's usually merchandise that would be considered "cute" or just downright adorable. Need a visual to understand? Look below to see what was in our box!

Kawaii Box is filled with 8-10 adorable things that girls will love. It's ships directly from Asia and usually are things you can't find over here in the states. For our box, we received stickers, hair barrettes, a notebook, candy, a pen, a bag and a plush. It was literally an overload of cuteness!

Some of Mary's favorites were the little eggman stickers and the barrettes to my surprise. And I was really happy to say that she was able to keep everything in her box! Sometimes with past subscription boxes, I have had to giveaway some items because I didn't approve of them but with Kawaii Box, she was able to keep the whole box which made me really happy.

Want to get a Kawaii Box of your own? Enter below for the chance to win one!