Tokyo Treat Japanese Candy Subscription Box Unboxing November 2017

As Mary is getting older, she is starting to have her own likes and passions. And currently, one of them is anything from Japan. She is a Nintendo baby so Japan is the coolest place in the world to her. In homeschool, we are doing a huge unit study with Japan right now so I thought it would be really cool to have some Japanese food to go along with it. Other than visiting a Japanese restaurant where we live, I also wanted to show her what types of snacks Japanese kids eat. And that's where we got the assistance of Tokyo Treat!

Tokyo Treat is an amazing Japanese snack and candy subscription box that comes straight from Japan. After we received the email saying our order was placed, about a week later we got an email from the Japanese postal system with our tracking number! How cool is that?!

It didn't take very long to get the box after it was shipped either. And when we got it, we were surprised to see just how much was packed in it!

The entire box was like a treasure box to Mary. She explored through it so quickly and went straight for the Pocky of course. And she has been sampling everything else, even with her dad!

Tokyo Treat's premium box goes for $34.99 and it includes more than 10 things in it. We got full size items, medium items, small items and of course, candy! Be aware though, the bags are completely in Japanese so if you have food allergies, this probably won't work for you. Inside the box though, there is a pamphlet that tells you the basic idea of what you're eating, like chocolate cereal, rice crackers, etc. But they don't include ingredients or nutrition info.

 This is a super fun way to learn about a new country for homeschool or just enjoy new food from Japan!If you've never tried Japanese treats, you're certainly missing out!