The Best Cities to Raise a Family In

Have you ever lived in a big metro area? I grew up in a huge city as a teenager and I loved every minute of it. It gave me a chance to have opportunities, go to one of the best schools and be able to discover so many things.

And like me, Mary is following in my footsteps of loving cities. Her face lights up when we travel into our nearest metro area which is Chattanooga. Her perfect day is walking around in downtown Chattanooga to find anything new and appealing. And I can't blame her. When I was her age and our family took a vacation, I would love to visit a new city. We went to Nashville one year, Charlotte another, etc. And it always gave me a thrill to see all those bright lights.

Recently, compared the top 25 metro areas in the U.S. and rated them all on their overall family friendliness based on certain considerations like crime and school quality. Unfortunately Chattanooga is too small to be considered a major metro area but our next closest metro area is Atlanta and they came in #6!

So what were some of the top 25 metro areas that I have personally been to? I've been to New York City which was #14, Washington D.C. which was #12, Charlotte which was #2, Atlanta which was #6, Orlando which was #15, Miami which was #25, Chicago which was #19, St. Louis which was #20, Los Angeles which was #17 and Dallas which was #1!

Make sure to check out the entire map of all 25 metro areas for families here!