The Grossery Gang in Full Force

This post has been sponsored by Moose Toys. All opinions are my own.

It has honestly been years since I've featured a toy on our site but I just had to showcase the Grossery Gang. Mary has been collecting Shopkins for as long as I can remember and we have hundreds of them. Well, the same company that made Shopkins has made the Grossery Gang. Think of them like Shopkins gone horribly wrong!

With The Grossery Gang series 3, there is a new edition called Putrid Power.  An evil force known as the Clean Team is teaming up the streets of Cheap Town, vowing to fight grime and wipe out the Grossery Gang for good! Using the stench of old bin juice, the heroes must band together and transform into the ultimate disgusting dudes to fight off the power of clean It's The Grossery Gang Putrid Power, the biggest, boldest and bestest series yet!

There are 150 new characters to collect in series 3 and they are all equally as gross as the other. Some of them include Toxic Toilet, Scabby Meal and Barf Bag. How gross do those sound?!

The Grossery Gang also just released the Grossery Gang Putrid Power Movie (Clean Team vs. Grossery Gang) on Youtube so make sure to get your ultimate dose of gross by watching it too!