Outfit: Quick Peek at a Vintage Green 1930s Embellished Dress

A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I promised a peek at my new vintage 1930's embellished dress. I found it while thrift shopping a few months back and I couldn't resist getting it. But once I got it home, it didn't fit me. I was about to give up on it  until I decided to alter it.

When I got it, it was way too long for me to wear. It was actually down to my ankles. And I also couldn't close it in the back. So to alter it, I took some of the length from the bottom and added it to the back near the zipper area. Now it can close and looks much better being shorter.

Here is an up close at the gorgeous embellishment this dress has. The buttons go straight down and the threading looks like flowers with petals all the way down. The sleeves have that slight puff and pleating that vintage lovers always look for too. I simply added a pin and my tichel to make the look complete.