What is Your Homes' Walk Score?

When you're buying a new home, most people think of the normal things like the condition of the house, the neighbors, the amenities, etc. But a lot of times, the walk score if overlooked.

So what is a Walk Score?

A walk score is the score of how close your house is to things like a grocery store, a gas station, etc. If your house has a high walk score, then you are closer to things and able to walk to them if needed. If your house has a low walk score, that means you live too far to be in walking distance and will depend on transportation for every place you go.

So how do you figure out your Walk Score?

To better understand how to figure your walk score, check out this helpful link that has scored my famous historic houses. Then you can breakdown where your house is located and think of any place that would be close enough to walk to. If you live in a downtown area, you will have a high walk score since you could easily walk places. But if you live in the country, then you will have a low walk score. For my house, my personal walk score would most likely be a 10 because I don't have anything within a reasonable walking distance from me. Everything around my house is miles away.

The next time you are thinking of buying a house, make sure to consider your walk score as well.