Outfit: Mists of Winter

There's something so enchanting about a misty winter day. I love waking up to a dreary day that is overcast. It has a comforting feeling to it that makes me feel like a warm blanket is around me. Now that winter is approaching quickly, the weather has been very cold and rainy here lately. And it's the perfect time to go wandering in the woods to take in nature in all its forms.

I think one of the best things about going into the woods is the smell of pine trees. It's enchanting and has a romantic feeling to it. I can't tell you just how many pine tree scented candles I have in the house right now either.

Since there is still so much deep green in the woods, I wanted to sort of blend in. So I picked my lovely vintage wool cardigan. It's a favorite of mine and it pairs so well with my 1950's lemon skirt. I added in my 1930's saddle shoes and a hunter green tichel adorned with a headband and pin. Altogether I think my vintage outfit came out perfect for walking through the woods.

Outfit Details:

Cardigan - vintage
Tichel - Kmart
Skirt - FashionMia