When Life Gives You Lemons, Wear a Type 1 Skirt!

For the past few months, I have delved into a new chapter of learning how to dress for myself. I have expressed many times that not knowing how to dress well can make you feel less confident and even unattractive. I have also felt self-conscious as well when I feel like what I am wearing doesn't look quite right.

Well all of that has changed since I discovered Dressing Your Truth®. Just to refresh your memory, Dressing Your Truth has an Energy Profiling course that helps you learn your energy type. There are 4 different types and each of them will look good in certain clothes, colors, materials, fabrics, etc. Once you know your energy, then you can learn what will look best on you. As I learned a few months back, I am a Type 1 Energy so I look best in bright colors.

Here's my latest outfit that I am loving as a Type 1 person:

Isn't it just screaming out Type 1 with the cute lemons?!

This gorgeous outfit came graciously from FashionMia, an amazing clothing site with wholesale prices. The Floral Printed Classical Skirt in the lemon pattern is currently on sale for $15.27! The skirt itself is a midi so it is very modest. On me, it comes down to my mid calf which is perfect for modesty. It also has a side zipper which helps it keep it's gorgeous A-line shape which is just right for Type 1 people.

I originally thought about pairing the skirt with a solid shirt, but I saw how well stripes look with printed skirts so I decided to be bold and try it! The Striped Batwing Round Neck T-Shirt really seemed to fit the bill with it's modest high neckline and how comfortable it looked. Plus it is only $6.60 right now! So my entire outfit was only a little over $21 from FashionMia! They have so much to choose from, especially with a lot of cheap dresses too!

Both pieces were very comfortable, modest and well made. I was actually a little afraid they wouldn't fit but they are both actually a little big on me! So other than changing how I dress, I have started to lose weight as well!

If you're interested in learning how to learn how to dress for your energy type, then sign up for the FREE energy profiling course I took! When you finish the course, you can continue to learn how to dress for your type with the Dressing Your Truth course for the special price of $99.

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