The 2016 Lexus ES300h

Last week our family was able to check out what makes a Lexus a Lexus and we all agreed that it was a top model car. I personally had never driven in a Lexus before but after driving one for a week, I really enjoyed it. It was sleek looking, had amazing features and the best part was it was extremely roomy for a sedan. My entire family agreed on that one fact. It was the roomiest car we had ever driven.

What also made this Lexus special was that it was a hybrid. And we all know how much I love hybrids because of their fuel economy. But this one also had the capability to be an electric vehicle if needed too. I personally didn't test this out but I saw the light come on a few times at stop lights which was great since it saved on gas.

This model was fully loaded with many features included auto-dimming rear view mirror, heated outside mirrors, one touch moon roof, and rear window defogger. One feature we all enjoyed was that each window had a screen on it to help shade the sun. And the back window also had this which could be controlled with a button in the front.

Another great feature was the blind spot monitoring system and parking assist. I love being able to have help backing up since that's not my greatest talent. This model also had rain sensing wipers which I love because sometimes the rain can change so quickly that taking your hands off the wheel to adjust the wipers can be dangerous.

We also enjoyed the heated steering wheel too since sometimes it can be cold in the morning! There's nothing better than a warm steering wheel! Plus the car was so roomy that we all felt like we were in an SUV.

Overall my husband said he would choose this car over many because of how much room it had and that it was a hybrid. Because of those two factors, we thoroughly enjoyed this car.

This model gets 40MPG city and 39MPG highway and has an MSRP of $51,164.00