Spot Deals on Dealspotr and Earn Rewards

I am a Dealspotr Blogger Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

If you're anything like me, then when you shop online, you always have a coupon. I don't believe in paying full price for anything so before shopping, I always have a coupon. But sometimes it's hard to find that perfect coupon for the store you're shopping at. And that's where Dealspotr comes in.

Dealspotr is an amazing site that lets you post deals and post them to earn rewards. Let's say I see a deal that Macy's is running that gives 50% off of women's clothing. I can post it on Dealspotr and earn points in my account that can be saved up for Amazon gift cards. It's pretty easy to post deals and it only takes a minute to fill out the information needed.

Other than posting deals, you can also spot deals as well. Spotting means you see a deal already posted on Dealspotr that you think will be a hot deal. So you spot it and if the deal really does go hot, you earn more points. Pretty easy right? You get a certain number of "spots" a day to use on deals so use them on deals that you really think will be a hit. I used 2 of mine on deals and within a few minutes, they went hot and I earned points. It was quick and easy!

Even though there are a lot of other deal sites out there, I've never seen one that rewards you for posting deals. Dealspotr is a super fun and easy way to earn rewards for finding great deals, liking them and discussing them. If you spent a about 30 minutes a day doing this, you would have money to spend on Amazon every month. And that could really add up quick!

Plus they have the best selection of working coupons on the internet in my opinion. It's always a pain when you find that perfect coupon code and when you go to use it, it's not working or expired. With Dealspotr, they want to make sure all the codes are working. Even though you get your points automatically when you post a deal, someone still goes in and checks it to make sure it's working. So there's no hassle for when people go to use it when they're shopping!

Overall Dealspotr is an amazing way to earn a little extra money to spend on Amazon. It's fun and effortless. If you want to join, you can under this link. If you join on my link here, you will get 5,000 points added to your account, which is halfway to a $10 Amazon gift card, just for joining!