Cleaning Up After Birds is Easy with the Vision Cage @petco

I am a Petco Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

For years now, I've been known as a bird lady. I love birds and love having them as pets because of their ornate curiosity and beauty. But even though they make wonderful pets, they are messy little creatures. Not one really tells you that most of the mess from the bird cage ends up right on your floor most of the time. That's because birds love to spill seed from the cups and splash in the water. And they get their dander everywhere when they flap their wings. 

With typical bird cages, the mess isn't contained at all. A pull out bottom doesn't contain anything that doesn't just fall directly down, which is rare. Birds don't care what direction it's falling! Especially ones that love to get in their food dish and kick. 

The other day I was walking about my local Petco and I saw a new type of cage that I never saw there before. It's the Vision cage by Hagen and it's supposed to be wonderful for containing a mess. So of course I pulled it off the shelf to check it out.

The vision cage is not your typical bird cage because it has no pull out drawer to clean. Instead around the entire bottom is hard clear plastic to contain their mess. The food dishes also cannot be moved when the food doors are locked down as well which is an amazing feature. My birds love to pick their food dishes up and dump them just for fun.

Being the bird lady I am, I got the cage and took it home to set it up. I had to see just how clean it would keep my house.

Putting it together took about 45 minutes since the cage comes in pieces. The directions were simple and easy to follow and I put it together by myself. Here's a close up of the hard clear plastic that's around the bottom. It's perfect since the water and food dishes are right down on the bottom too. Plus what's great is it also contains dander and feathers too. When birds flap their wings, they make a downward motion so anything below them starts flying up. But because of the plastic, it keeps what is below them stay below them.

The Vision cage we got was the M02 model and it's huge. It has four doors to get the birds through and it's the perfect size for 2 cockatiels and a conure. They are very happy with their new home and all the new toys we put in it too.

Just to show you how happy our birds are, I made a quick video with Mr. Whistles when he first got in the cage.

I think Mr. Whistles is extremely happy with his new cage! If you have birds and want a better way to contain their mess, I highly suggest checking out the Vision cage.