Captian Obvious is Running... for President! @CaptainObvious #ObviousPresident

I have never been one that has been overly enthusiastic about politics. I have my own personal beliefs on them but that's an entirely different story. But one thing I do enjoy about them is the humor that surrounds them. There's nothing better than getting a good laugh out of something so serious!

So that's why I am following about Captain Obvious running for President! Captain Obvious is constantly traveling the world. His life is one big adventure. But his first adventure this year will be a new one, even for him. He's running for President the best way he knows how, by actually running.

He books on along the way because it’s simple to book a room. And because he really needs a place to sleep at night. And running shoes.

So far I am cheering Captain Obvious along on his actual race and I love following his Twitter updates. Plus who doesn't want to see him photobomb some newscasts about the Presidential Election?

Make sure to follow him throughout the race to see him run across America and laugh at his insane dry humor.