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When I was growing up I was never into sports. Mostly because I'm not coordinated at all. When I would try to play sports as a child, I would fall all the time. So growing up, sports were a general nightmare for me. But when Mary was born and started growing up, I noticed how sporty she really is. She is actually coordinated and it's shocking because she's mine!

And something else shocking is she loves the outdoors. When I was her age, I was an indoors child all the time. I hated being outside!

As Mary has gotten older, she's been a part of many different things including ballet, baseball, soccer, music and art. She really is well rounded and she's always so full of energy that it's hard to keep up with her! At first of course I wanted her to follow in my footsteps and love music and singing. And even though she has an amazing voice and pitch for her age, she loves being outside too. So now I'm one of those moms cheering in the stands for their kid!

I think soccer and baseball are great for Mary because she is always so full of energy. Plus they help her learn about teamwork and coordination. Learning these skills at a young age makes a huge difference when you get older.

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