Get Your Perfume Fix with Scentbird

As my readers know, I love subscription boxes and subscriptions in general. It's so fun to go to your mailbox and get a surprise once in a while!  And that's why I signed up to work with Scentbird. If you haven't heard of them, Scentbird is a designer perfume subscription that send you a new designer perfume once a month. They have an amazing choice on their site and a bunch of ways to search for ones that could match you too.

Becoming a member of Scentbird is really easy too. When you sign up for an account, you take a quiz to see some of their recommended perfumes for you. You can also search based on the type of scent, like flirty or fruity. Since I am prone to fruity scents, I clicked that one and it brought me to a page with all their fruity scents on it. Then you simply start adding your favorite scents into your queue and they will send you one from it each month.

The scent I ended up picking was Moschino Pink Bouquet  and it suited me perfect. Even Mary loves it! Plus the packaging from Scentbird is genius! Each perfume comes in a black tube that you twist like lipstick to get the spray part to come up. Simply spray and twist again to close. And once that bottle is finished, you just take the actual perfume bottle out of the black holder and put in the new one!

So how does one enjoy a new perfume? By wearing it and posing with it of course!

Overall I'm really loving Scentbird. I love how you get a new scent every month from the list you already made. And the price is perfect at $14.95 a month for a new designer scent. It's a fun subscription that any perfume addict should try!