My February Tichel Picks

I am a Wrapunzel Official Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Last month I shared with you some beautiful tichels from Wrapunzel that were perfect for the season. Now I'm back for February with two new tichels and a gorgeous pin I have been utilizing for a while!

This first one is one of my favorites especially because it shines and I love the color! The Shine On tichel is a gorgeous pashmina and has a shimmery part to it on the ends. So wrapping was super easy, especially with making a tie to leave the ends down. Paired with a flower from Wrapunzel, it was an easy look for a gorgeous day out!

Now this is the pin I received this month and it's so fun to play with! It's called the Upleafting Pin and rightly named! I have been able to pair this pin with many different tichels these past few weeks and it always works!

Here is the Upleafting Pin again but with a different tichel from last month called Layers of Love. This tichel has lots of different layers you can make with it so after finishing off the tie, I pinned it on the side just for an elegant look.

And my last tichel for February is the In Your Element tichel. It is such a gorgeous combination of patterns and colors that it works well with almost all skin tones. I ended up choosing the color Sunrise Sky which I loved for all the blues and purples in it. I paired it with a sash and a a pin for a fun look that was comfortable all day long!

I hope you enjoyed my February picks and stay tuned for March to see what my new favorites are from Wrapunzel!