My Newest Love - Tichel Tying with Wrapunzel

There's a new love in my life and it's something totally Jewish too. It's tichel tying and I'm obsessed with it! As most of my readers know, I'm a married Jewish woman and that means that I'm supposed to cover my hair. But not until 2015 did I feel convicted to actually cover my head with anything. When I did start though, I felt very self-conscious and strange. My hair has always been very beautiful to me especially since it's red and it made me who I was. So covering it made me feel like just another face in the crowd. I didn't have anything to really make me stand out anymore since I don't wear makeup either.

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It was then that I discovered tichels and how to tie them thanks to a lovely site called Wrapunzel. Founded by Andrea Grinberg, it isn't only an online store but also a community of women who come to inspire each other with their wraps. So I ended up joining into the community and started wrapping daily.

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Honestly I never thought I could feel good about myself with completely covering my hair but thanks to Wrapunzel I feel beautiful everyday now because I can do wraps that show who I really am. And everyday is something new and wonderful that comes from my mind.

Since I feel so inspired from Wrapunzel, I contacted them a few weeks back and I'm proud to announce I will be working with them by showcasing their tichels! And hopefully it will be for a longterm program so I invite you to keep checking in here for my upcoming posts and also on my Instagram where I post my tichels daily. And make sure to check out Wrapunzel for their amazing products!