Modest Northeastern Style with Dresses for the Winter

I pride myself with being from the north. Even though I live in the south and married a southern man doesn't mean I will ever lose that northern part of myself. I was born in New York and raised there for years. And even though I got older and moved away, I still miss it and find myself still dressing like a yankee.

As I was looking through some amazing styles on Bella Ella Boutique, I noticed thy had a quiz to see what part of the country you mostly dress like. After I took it, it confirmed that I still obviously dress like a northeastern person. And I pretty much knew that since when I go out, I usually get told, "You're not from here are you?"

Here are some of my favorite styles from Bella Ella Boutique which really scream Northeastern style!

The Jolene dress is a gorgeous t-shirt dress that is modest and fashionable at the same time. I love how flowy it is and how easily it can dressed up or down.

The Cheyenne Red Long Sleeve Dress is gorgeous and so modest for winter. Plus the sleeves being a different color really shake it up in a subtle way. It can be paired with boots and tights for an effortless northeastern look.

The Angela dress is adorable and perfect for cold weather! Modest enough to wear to church and playful enough to wear with the kids. Pair it with a scarf and boots for an adorable look that is easy to achieve.