Our Peanuts Movie Review

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When our family learned a new Peanuts movie was coming out, we had a fit. We’re a huge Peanuts family! Other than collecting the comics and even vintage books, we also have Peanuts dishes, collectible figurines, toys and pretty much anything else we can find.

This past weekend the Peanuts movie came out to theaters and we’re already desperately waiting for it to come to video! But for everyone who has yet to see it in theaters, we wanted to compile a mom-friendly review of the movie before you check it out.

The Review

If you’ve ever read Peanuts, you’ll know that Charlie Brown has always been infatuated with the Little Red Haired Girl. If you’ve ever thought that was probably the most innocent couple ever and wanted to see them end up together, then you’ll love this movie. The movie basically revolves around Charlie Brown and his numerous attempts to impress the Little Red-Haired Girl, but with a great ending. Also in the midst of the story is Snoopy trying to fight the Red Baron as well.

What I loved about Peanuts as a parent is that it’s completely innocent. I love Peanuts and have for years and I’m glad that this movie is something that parents and children can enjoy together.

For the kids, I think some of the best parts is the comedy throughout the movie and the typical Peanuts hijinks. You won’t be able to sit through the entire movie without laughing.

Our bottom line is this is the perfect family movie of the season. I have no concerns about my daughter watching it since there is no violence, gore or language in it at all. It’s rated G and that’s rare for even kid’s movies today. Plus it has lots of positive themes in it like never giving up on the things you love.

I highly suggest taking your kids to see this movie. You honestly won’t be sorry.

A Bit More About Our Movie-going Family

Our family is comprised of Mom (27), Dad (37) and Mary (8). A few of our favorite family movies include Misty Island Rescue, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & The Trouble with Angels. And a few movies that Mom and Dad love include Revelation Road, The Clock & The Glass Bottom Boat.