Make Kids Feel Better Quick #placeboeffect

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Back in the olden days, there were such things as sugar pills that were given to people who complained of pains or sickness when they really weren't. This was called the placebo effect which basically is that sometimes mind over matter really works best. If you take a pill, sometimes you can believe it will work so much that it will.

Fast forward to today when we know that taking sugar pills isn't too healthy, the placebo effect can still be a good idea when you think your child has a phantom pain or problem. But instead of giving sugar pills, you can give them Magic Feel Good.

Magic Feel Good is a new product that adheres to the placebo effect. Inside each box are chewable little pills that are loaded with Vitamin C. You simply give one to your child when they are complaining that they are sick when they aren't. Then watch the placebo effect take place.

These can be perfect for kids that might say their tummies hurt when they really don't or maybe even when a child just loves the taste of medicine.

So when is the best time to give Magic Feel Good? I would suggest to only give it when you truly know your child is faking. It's really important to know that if your child is complaining of not feeling well daily or a lot, it's best to seek medical advice. Not everyone who complains of not feeling good daily is faking. There are so many illnesses out there that can't be found under a microscope so if you ever have the slightest notion that your child might really be sick, always seek medical advise.

We were able to check out Magic Feel Good in our home and we really enjoyed it. The taste is sweet, it's all natural and a little extra vitamin C never hurt anyone! It's great to know that if your child really does have phantom pains, they can take something that not only tastes good but also can boost their immune system as well.

If you want to check out Magic Feel Good, visit them on their site to learn more.