Don't Let Aches and Pains Slow You Down

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by the maker of Advil® PM and I received a free sample of Advil® PM caplets. All opinions expressed are my own.

Our family is always on the go. When it comes to home-schooling Mary, we do a lot of hands on things with her, including, multiple field trips weekly. I believe in teaching children through doing and that works the best for her. But being always on the go doesn’t always have its benefits. You see, I have bad foot problems and after a few hours of walking, I am in dire pain. I actually need foot surgery but my down time would include being in a wheelchair while I recover and I just don’t have that kind of time right now. So unfortunately I have to suffer through the daily pain.

I have foot and heel issues that make the bottom of my feet throb after a day of walking. But I don’t want that to stop my family from enjoying our time together.

Anyone who has ever had aches and pains in their feet after a busy day knows that at night your feet hurt the worst typically. And mine hurt so badly that I have a hard time falling asleep. But not when I take Advil® PM. I have trusted Advil® since I was a teenager and now that I’m an adult, Advil® PM gives me the pain relief I need and helps me sleep through the night. That’s because it’s specially designed for nighttime pain, combining the unsurpassed pain relief of Advil® plus a non-habit forming sleep aid to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Sleep is critical to your mental and physical wellbeing – it’s your body’s way to revitalize and recover from the wear and tear of the day. In many cases, taking Advil® PM is not just for treating pain, or even treating just the sleeplessness, but rather treating them together.

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