How to Wear a Scarf Like Adaline in the 1960s #AgeofAdaline

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There's always been something very feminine about wearing a headscarf. I myself wear them often and I love the look of it. Up until the 1970s, headscarves were very popular and almost all women covered their hair in some manner with one. But now that art has died and many ladies don't know how to even put one on. So in honor of the new movie, Age of Adaline, here is how you can wear a headscarf like her in the 1960s.

First find you a great vintage scarf. I like the longer ones that are shaped like this because it's easier to wrap around my hair.

Next drape the scarf over your head with some of your hair showing in the front. Make sure the middle part of the scarf is right on top of your head.

Then take the two ends and cross them over your shoulders like shown. Make sure you have a little loose room right under your chin.

Once the ends are behind you, tie a knot to make sure your scarf stays on. You can also bobby pin on the sides near your hair so it doesn't slip off.

And then you end up with a very pretty vintage look like in Age of Adaline. This looks like a great family movie to me, especially for homeschool because of all the different decades you can learn about. Mary loves historical stuff so I'm going to try and teach her about all those different decades because they were all so diverse.

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