Visiting the Cherokee Capital

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In our homeschool we take a lot of field trips. Normally 2-3 a week. Today our field trip was to the Cherokee Nation's Capital which is in North Georgia. The Cherokee Nation used to span across a lot of the south and since Mary has Cherokee in her, I wanted her to see what the old capital was like. So decked out in her new Fabkids dress for spring, she was ready to go.

We were able to take a wonderful tour of the town and it's buildings including the printing press where we got a copy of the Cherokee newspaper, a middle class house, and even the supreme court. Did you know that the Cherokee had a government with three branches exactly like ours? They also had a written language as well. It was fascinating and also heartbreaking to learn so much about them.

To end of our field trip, we also checked out the museum and watched a movie about the Cherokee. Then we bought a book on how to learn some Cherokee for beginners. I think it's important that Mary continues her heritage so she'll always remember.