How I Keep My Duck Diapers So Clean

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It's really no secret that I have a house duck. Not many people do or would even want one since for the rest of their life you will have to change their diaper. But I honestly don't mind because the love I get back from my duck is more than enough to cover a few diaper changes. 

The first duck I ever had was Aflac. And in the beginning of this year, she passed away very suddenly. After her I grieved so badly that I knew I needed another duck. It really wasn't the same without a big white duck running around the house. So in March we ended up getting Barney. 

Barney lives in the  house full time so that means full time diaper duty. For his diaper, he has a little harness that we slip on him and then inside we put something disposable to catch all his little deposits. For that I use Always Bladder Protection pads. They work great on holding leaks and for extra protection overnight, I use two pads.

Of course with a diaper harness, eventually it will need to be washed in the washer too. And for that, I use Tide Free and Clear. It's best to use Free and Clear with animals since it lessens the chance of it irritating their skin.

By using these two products, I end up with a very happy and clean duck. Did I also mention spoiled?

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