They're Always Watching #privacyisnogame

I am an F-Secure Freedome Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Last week I posted about F-Secure Freedome and how they are an amazing VPN network that makes you virtually invisible online. And why is that so important? Because I don't think that we should be tracked like animals. What I do in my time is my business. And that's why I personally use F-Secure Freedome. 

Downloading and using F-Secure Freedome is very easy too. Simply go to the website and click the button for the free 14 day trial. When you download the program, go to the subscription button on the left hand side bar and put in your code. That will give you your extra 90 days. Right now you can download a free 90 day trial of Freedome by using this code - qsf257.

After you have it all downloaded which only takes a few minutes, then you'll get a nice screen like this on your site:

When you see this, just click the protection button right in the middle and within a few seconds your connection will be secure and encrypted.

Right now I've had F-Secure on my computer for only 10 days and here's a screenshot of just how many tracking attempts and harmful websites were blocked:

So after only 10 days, I have 41,312 tracking attempts blocked. That's completely insane and very wrong. And 20 harmful sites were blocked as well. My husband has been ecstatic about F-Secure Freedome and has it on the computer non-stop. He really loves how efficient it is and he's glad that we'll have it for a year to try out.

If you want to learn more about F-Secure Freedome, please check out their video below:

How do you make sure to protect your computer? Do you think this free 90 day trial will help you out?