Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot…Send New Memories with Hallmark

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It's already half way through January! And of course, I'm still trying to send out some new year cards. It's the thought that counts right? Well like the old song goes, 'Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot…' so I'm sending out cards to the people who I love very much. And with so many lovely cards from Hallmark, I've been sending everyday.

Yesterday I went to the post office with a Hallmark card that had a plaque attached to it for a little boy fighting cancer. It's his birthday and he loves getting mail and I thought that card might just cheer him up. 

Another wonderful and amazing person is Granny Janice who I send a lot of cards to. The card I chose to send her was a beautiful card that doubled as a journal for the new year. It's a sweet way to show someone you care with something they can use everyday.

And another lovely friend of the family is Miss Beulah. She is 93 years old! She doesn't look it does she? We love her very much and I love to send her cards because it makes her happy to get mail that isn't just bills!

From what I notice, a lot of Hallmark cards have new things that come with them to keep as memories. Some of them include plaques, wall art, journals and even hair pins! All of these things come attached to the card and are removable. Like the items above have plaques, wall art and hair pines on them. I think this is such a cute idea to let people remember you past the card.

What are some of your favorite cards from above?