How to Easily Repair Your Hair #10xMoreResilient

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Is your hair damaged and in need of repair? Then make sure to follow these simple and easy tips on repairing your hair with Clear Scalp and Hair.
  • Is Your Hair Too Dry?
Then you need to use Clear Intense Hydration. Clinically proven to help replenish the scalp with essential hydration & it makes hair resilient to dryness for soft, silky tresses. It also includes Cactus extract, a known hydrator.
  • Is Your Hair Damaged and Also Colored?
Then you need to use Damage & Color Repair. Clinically proven to help restore the scalp's natural moisture balance and make it more resilient to damage. It's also proven color-safe for vibrant color, so it’s great for color treated hair.
  • Is Your Hair Very Brittle?
Then you need to use Clear Ultra Shea. Infused with Nutrium 10™ Moisture Lock, a non-greasy nourishing complex enriched with shea butter and natural oils, it quenches dryness and locks in moisture.

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Very few products give you 10x the benefit. Clear deeply nourishes* the scalp for 10x more resilient hair. Take the #10xMoreResilient Challenge and experience the difference for yourself. And also make sure to enter below for a chance to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card until the 21st!