Decorating Our Porch for Hanukkah

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Growing up, a sweet memory I will always have is when my parents would decorate the house for the holidays. It was always exciting to see them get the large tubs of holiday items down from the attic and start putting them throughout the house. When they would start decorating, they would play holiday music too so I try to keep that memory alive today with Mary. So when we get ready for decorate for Hanukkah, we start playing our Hanukkah music and making crafts for the season.

This year we're actually throwing a Hanukkah party at our house for the first time so I wanted to make sure everything looked perfect! And since the porch is the first thing you see, I wanted it to be inviting to all my guests. So here's how we made our Hanukkah porch for this year.

I love to decorate my front door for the different seasons. But especially around Hanukkah it has a special feel to it. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to throw something pretty away, even if it's a card. And Hallmark cards are just so gorgeous, I figured, why not decorate with them? So with some of our Hanukkah Hallmark cards from this season, I got to work decorating my front door. I also used some Hallmark Hanukkah gift bags as well. All I did was cut out one flat side and left one handle on so I could hang it from a nail better. To add a finishing touch, I found some beautiful dreidel gift tags with tassels that I hung in various places. 

The other night when I actually had a bit of free time, I ended up making a dreidel banner for the front porch too. All I needed was some blue and white twine and some double sided cutouts of dreidels. With two little slits on each of the two top sides of the dreidels, I fed the twine through and tied it up on our porch. It came out gorgeous and it only took about 20 minutes to make.

I also hung up 3 little decorations from my window shutters. Even though they are really simple, they really make my front window stand out great, even from the road.

Our last item was our Hanukkah lights. These were really hard to find and we've had them for years so they're very special. They have the stars of David, dreidels and menorahs on it so they're inviting to see from the road.

Now that my porch is all ready, I mailed out invitations for everyone to come to our party during Hanukkah. Thanks to Hallmark we had gorgeous cards for everyone.

How do you decorate for the holidays?