Charlie's Just Begging for Petbrosia

I am a Petbrosia Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Ever since the first day that we got Charlie, he has been a picky eater. Mostly because his regular dog food he had been eating before us was pretty bad. Of course when we got him, we changed his food, but he's still a pretty picky dog. He will leave most of his food in his dish and just walk away. He's almost as finicky as a cat! So when we were asked to check out Petbrosia to see is Charlie would eat that, I decided to give it a try.

Of course Petbrosia is delivered by the UPS man so that right there got Charlie right to the door. In his normal "I will protect my house" stance, he waited by the door to see what the UPS man would be dropping off for the day.

Then I unboxed the food just to check it out. Of course Charlie stayed right there. He could smell the food right through the box! What makes Petbrosia so special is that you order it based on your animals' breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level. and other needs. You simply imput all the needed information into the ordering page and Petbrosia does the work for you in finding out what's perfect for your pet. Plus all their foods include all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetables grown and raised in America. For Charlie, I picked the salmon and as expected, salmon was the first ingredient in his food specially mixed for him. And as most pet parents know, a huge deciding factor on whether pet food is good or not is the first ingredient.

Since Charlie was super excited on trying on the food, I gave him a little sample at the door. He really enjoyed it and as you can see, he took some and ran off with it which is typical with him. I've already transitioned him off his old food as well so now he's only eating the Petbrosia.

Using Petbrosia is super easy too. You simply go to the site and hit the big "Start Here" button at the top right. Then you just answer questions about your pet including their breed, weight, activity level and allergies. Charlie is allergic to wheat so we imput that and his food is wheat free. After that you can sign up to get your Petbrosia food!

Another great thing is that if anything ever changes with your pet, you can update it and their food will be updated accordingly.

I'm excited to see how Charlie will transition into Petbrosia and how he'll be acting in weeks to come. Since this food is specially made for him, I'm interested to see how his energy level will be and how he'll be feeling.

Be sure to keep reading our updates on his new transition into Petbrosia food.