Our Tapestry is Coming Along! #WeevaStoryteller #ad

I am a Weeva Storyteller Ambassador . All opinions are my own.

This is our second month as a Weeva Storyteller and our tapestry is coming along nicely! The overall theme of our book will be memories of Mary during this past year when she was 6 -7 years old. This year has been very special for Mary since we've taken a lot of trips and done so many fun things. And since I never want to forget all our beautiful memories, I'm putting them into a special keepsake book for Mary to look back on when she gets older.

With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to collect your favorite stories in an online Tapestry; Once collected, you can print your stories in an art-quality book for yourself or someone else.

Mary has also had so many "firsts" this year like finally being tall enough to drive the antique cars at our theme park! She was so thrilled to actually drive ME for change!

Mary also had a fun field trip to one of our art museums for the first time! We did a great walk through and learned so much together!

And Mary finally conquered a 5 mile corn maze! These are just some of the wonderful memories that are going in our final book and I can't wait to finish it up with my husband this month!

Something I really love about Weeva is that Weeva DESIGNS the books for you... all you have to do is collect the stories. How simple is that? Plus collecting the stories is really simple too. Anyone can do it within a few minutes!

So make sure to keep reading for next month's post when I show parts of my final book!