A Very Lovely Date Night #OutbackBestMates

I am an Outback Best Mate. All opinions are my own.

I can't remember the last time my husband and I have had a date. Honestly I think it was when Mary was first born so back almost 7 years ago! We used to go on Friday night dates every Friday after she was first born. I loved going out just the two of us, especially since it got me a break from diaper duty! But as Mary got older and it became evident that she would be an only child, it was harder to be apart from her. But sometimes, mommy and daddy need some alone time!

Outback’s New American Romance study uncovered the hard truth behind America’s date night problem - people are too busy for the one they love. More than half of those surveyed said they need at least one date night per month to keep the spark alive, but shockingly 56% can’t remember their last date night! And that's why Outback Steakhouse is on a mission to help couples steak out more time for one another by declaring itself the Official Sponsor of Date Night and offering a special weekend deal they can’t refuse.

The classic Date Night Meal includes: 
 - A Bloomin Onion® to share
 - Two 8 oz. Outback Special® Sirloins
 - Choice of Freshly Made Side & Signature Salad (per person)
 - A Classic Cheesecake dessert to share
 - Or, have your Date Night Meal with two 6oz. filets or one 8oz. sirloin and one 6 oz. filet.

So thanks to Outback, we headed on over for a lovely date night together last week!

Of course, my husband was deep in thought like always! But when the food came, he finally dove right in.

Our Bloomin Onion® came out first and it was my favorite. I've been eating those since I was a teenager! And our salads were delicious and pretty big to my surprise! By the time we got done with the Bloomin Onion® and the Signature salads, we were already getting stuffed.

Then the Outback Special® Sirloins came out with our side item. My husband got his with Aussie fries and I got Mac & Cheese with mine for an upcharge that was totally worth it!

Then to top it off, we had out lovely cheesecake for dessert to share! There was so much food for date night that we ended up taking some home too! We were stuffed to the gills!

If you're looking for a wonderful way to have a date night with your loved one, then make sure to check out Outback from Thursday through Sunday until November 16 so you better hurry!