Simple & Easy Fall Decorating Tips + An Easy Caramel Cheesecake Recipe

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Autumn is one time in our house that is well loved and cherished. It's a refreshing change from the heat we get here in the south. And I love seeing the leaves start to change with a cup of hot cocoa. I'm an autumn baby at heart so once it turns September, I start decorating the entire house. Here are a few of my simple and easy tips to make your house autumn ready!
  1. Decorate your windowsills with random pieces of autumn.
I love having my windowsills all ready for autumn because I look at them every day! Some easy ways to decorate would be to get autumn colored plates and platters. The large platter in the middle of the photo above is from Hallmark. I also have ceramic pumpkins and yarn glass bottles. The tutorial to make those is found here.

       2. Create a simple table centerpiece.

Nothing says fall more than a centerpiece. Personally I love fresh autumn fruits like apples, pomegrantes and Israeli etrog. The gorgeous basket holding all the fruits is from Hallmark too. I also added a wooden candle holder and a fall tablecloth to add to the festive look.

        3. Add small simple touches in random places.

All around my house I use little touches like this pillow from Hallmark on my Victorian couch. I think when you find a treasure when you're least expecting it, it makes it even more special.

         4.  Break out the fall recipes!

I love baking in the fall and inside my Hallmark recipe organizer, I have lots of simple recipes like this one for a two ingredient caramel cheesecake! All you need is a store bought New York style cheesecake and some caramel candies. Melt the caramels down in a boiler on low heat until they are a liquid. Pour gently over the cheesecake and put in the fridge for about 20 minutes. 

        5.  Don't forget the cards!

Not only can you send cards to your loved ones but some cards are even frame-able! Just look at some of these from Hallmark. All you need is to find a frame from the dollar store and you have an instant picture for your walls!

What are some ways you decorate for fall?