Phone Service Just for the Military #DefenseMobile #ad

Compensation for this post was provided by Defense Mobile via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

Did you know that there is a mobile phone service exclusively for military families? It's called Defense Mobile and their customers will have the strongest cell phone signals and 4G service for data.

If you've been thinking about getting the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, or another great smartphone and you or your spouse is currently serving in uniform or is a Veteran who has served, then Defense Mobile is your best choice for your mobile phone service.

Up until now, I had never heard of Defense Mobile but I am completely intrigued. Since my husband is an Army man, I've been looking around to see what Defense Mobile could offer us.

Defense Mobile’s video and website states that Defense Mobile will be running on the three largest networks so they will provide your family with superior coverage. So that means they could be running on Sprint, AT&T and Verizon possibly! And that means awesome coverage for their customers!

What I really like about Defense Mobile is that when you move from base to base, go on temporary duty in another place or even retire you don't have to switch carriers. And something I respect is that 100% of their employees at their Member Care center are also veterans so they know exactly what you need when you call.

Within the next month you'll be able to purchase phones and service at radio shack stores and soon after on military installations. But if you pre-register for it now, which includes no commitment, then you'll be put on a list to be considered for a charter membership when you do actually sign up.

A charter membership comes with many benefits including 50% off your first 3 months of membership, priority access to new phones including special pre-orders and other special offers throughout the year!

After you're validated in store for your military service Defense Mobile provides value-added applications delivered directly to your new mobile device and its Members. The pre-loaded or downloadable applications available are:
  • miliCASH, a robust mobile banking application with a pre-approved pre-paid MasterCard® that delivers military-and-veteran-only cash back rewards at participating merchants nationwide. 
  • miliSOURCE, a powerful application that helps veteran families discover and obtain valuable veteran benefits and services from the VA, States, and Veteran Service Organizations. 
  • Additionally Members receive miliMAIL, a free email service providing transitioning military personnel and Defense Mobile Members with a unique email that proudly confirms their affiliation to the branch of service they served.
Whatever branch your family is from, there is a service for you. Here are all the service sites for each branch:

  1. ARMYmobile 
  2. AIRFORCEmobile 
  3. COASTGUARDmobile 
  4. MARINESmobile 
  5. NAVYmobile
Our family is thinking of pre-registering for the ARMYmobile. Will you be pre-registering for Defense Mobile?