Driving the 2014 CMAX Energi During National Drive an Electric Week

Last year our family reviewed the C-MAX Hybrid and I coined it as "the best hybrid". We've driven a lot of different cars and hybrids in the past few years but our ultimate favorite is still the C-MAX. There are honestly a lot of reasons why we love it so much but a huge reason of mine is that it's a convenient ride. Plus I feel safe in it and that's not something I normally say about smaller cars.

The C-MAX Energi has an amazingly wide windshield that I really love. I noticed that right off and I really like how there are little windows near the blind spots too. You can see so much more of the road that normal.

Unlike the C-MAX hybrid we reviewed last year, the Energi can also plug in to charge with electricity. The space to plug it in is actually above the front driver side wheel. You just push the door and it pops up. Then just get your plug from the trunk and keep it charged for at least 2.5 hours but everyone suggests doing it overnight. When you have a full battery and a full tank of gas, you get 100 mpg!

Another amazing feature that will be a help to all moms with little kids is the seatbelt holder in the back. When I try to plug Mary's seatbelt in, it always comes right over her neck and hurts her, but if you use the built in seatbelt holder in the C-MAX, it keeps it right where it needs to be!

In the C-MAX Energi, everything you need is in the center console as well, which includes the gear shift. I love how comfortable the feel is plus everything is right in arms reach. And one of my favorite things is the touchscreen computer. It's super helpful when you're driving!

On the dashboard, you can monitor your battery usage as well and I always keep this feature on. I like to see how much my battery is charged and my average MPG is.

The C-MAX Energi also has lots of room for the family too. With a large backseat, and plugins as well, the kids can be entertained. And moms with full hands have the ease of the push button shut of the trunk or even swipping your foot underneath the bumper. By doing that, it activates your car's trunk to shut as long as you have your key on you.

So my final thoughts on the C-MAX Energi? It's by far the best family hybrid I have ever driven in. I love it so much that I'm actually thinking of buying one for myself. And I've been looking around for prices too. It's great for families on the go and one day I hope to have one of my own in my driveway for keeps.

Did you know that Ford dealers are going above and beyond to become EV certified? Not every dealer is certified to sell electric vehicles and here are some of the things they must do to pass:

  • To become certified, dealers had to satisfy a list of other requirements, including: 
  • One of the two required charging stations at the dealership must be in the customer area and the other must be in the service area 
  • At least one Focus Electric and C-MAX Energi must be available at all times for demonstrations and events 
  • Of the sales consultant, sales manager, service advisor and service manager jobs at each location, 80 percent must meet specific electric vehicle training certification requirements that cover topics including advanced knowledge of electrification 
  • Each showroom will have point-of-purchase display materials including digital assets and window signage 
  • Participation in a Ford Go Green Dealer on-site facility assessment to identify energy- and cost-saving opportunities with a goal of facilitating energy efficiency, lower operating expenses and carbon footprint reduction.
If you're in the Atlanta area, check out these dealers that are EV certified or are in the process of becoming certified:

  • Cherokee Ford Lincoln, Alpharetta 
  • Frank Jackson Sandy Springs Ford, Atlanta 
  • Malcolm Cunningham Ford, Atlanta 
  • Mall of Georgia Ford, Buford 
  • Gwinnett Place Ford Lincoln, Duluth 
  • Allan Vigil Ford Lincoln, Morrow 
  • Wade Ford, Smyrna 
  • Gene Evans Team Ford Lincoln, Union City 
  • Akins Ford, Winder