Best Western Ride Rewards Program #BWRider

Are you a motorcycle rider that’s looking for a great deal? Are you always out on the road looking for new adventures? Then you've got to check out the Best Western Ride Rewards Program.  Best Western introduced the Ride Rewards program in 2006 and it gives riders access to a host of amenities such as complimentary wipe down towels and a cleaning station.  Some hotels even offer other amenities like lip balm, reserved parking spaces and bottled water!

Harley-Davidson owners or enthusiasts can join the program for free and they automatically get Gold Elite status and 10 points for ever US dollar spent on qualified room rates or 250 airline miles per qualified stay.

Another fun benefit is Harley-Davidson’s Ride Planner which riders use to help map out routes and find rider friendly Best Western’s along the way!

My uncle owns a Harley and he’s always on the go. He does amazing rides all across the country and I know this program would be perfect for him, like so many other riders.

Did you know that Best Western also has a travel blog? It’s called You Must Be Trippin and it features a motorcycle travel rider who shares many things including ride ideas, packing tips and personal stories.  Best Western also just hosted an amazing trip for several motorcycle journalists in Montana. Now I’m totally jealous since I've never been!

My question is now where do you want to go on your motorcycle? I myself would love to take a trip on Route 66. I’d love to check out all the different sites that you can’t see on an interstate and definitely stop at some Best Westerns along the way!

So if you’re a rider, then you need to sign up for the Best Western Ride Rewards Program. Not only will it give you great perks that many places overlook with riders, but you’ll be getting great Best Western service where you go.

What would be your perfect motorcycle trip?