Enjoying Our Day at the Theme Park @Safety_1st #MySummerJourney

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This past summer has been crazy busy for us but especially for all the trips and excursions we've taken. But out of all of them, none of them were to a theme park. So we all got up early one morning and loaded down the car with toys, snacks and of course Mary's new Safety 1st Store N' Go Booster Seat so we could surprise her with a day of fun.

After we stopped for breakfast, we finally told Mary that we were going to a theme park for the day and her reaction was priceless! So off we went to enjoy the day!

On the way, I was really thankful for her new car seat because it has a drawer that you can pull out to store items like a tablet or games. Plus on the side there's another place to store things too along with a cupholder. This came in so handy for us because Mary likes to pack a bunch of stuff in the car for trips.

Our entire day was so much fun and we all had a blast riding rides together. And thanks to Safety 1st, Mary wasn't bored on the ride to the park or back home again!

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